Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ouch Update

I woke up feeling even more sore today so I'm staying home from work so I can keep my wound open and get lots of ice on it. I feel discouraged and frustrated. Our last race of the season is 10 days away and my eyes are tearing up just at the thought of swimming. I know 10 days is a long time though so I'm holding onto the hope that I'll be ready to go by race day.

My hand is scabbing up nicely. My pinkie finger was very tingly yesterday - sort of felt like it was on the verge of going numb. It think it was from the swelling around the base of my finger. This was freaking me out last night but it is feeling a bit better today.

My shoulder is still the worst. The open part isn't scabbing over and it burns all the time. My entire arm is really sore and I can't lift anything (hell, I can barely lift my arm). You can also see the scratches on my chin in this picture too.

I'm still so thankful that it wasn't worse. I could have easily broken my arm or wrist or scratch up my face a lot worse.

So I'm stuck at home and already super bored and it's only 9:40am... I'm watching re-runs of West Wing but nothing is holding my interest. I'm such an active person so it's driving me nuts that I can't do anything... Maybe I'll go for a walk in a little while.


Rob said...

Try rowing or the cross trainer, with gloves on?

Rural Girl said...

Ouch! Remember the days when you fell and it was not a big deal; like when you were 10!? Not so much anymore. I hope you're feeling much better already.


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