Monday, October 19, 2009

Cold Weather Running Gear

On Monday morning I got in a good speed workout on the the treadmill. I started with a five minute warm-up at 3.5mph and then I did 4 sets of:

30 seconds at 6.5 mph
90 seconds at 5mph
30 seconds at 7.5 mph
90 seconds at 5mph
30 seconds at 8.5 mph
90 seconds at 5mph

I ended with a 5 minute cool down at 3.5mph. This is the first speed workout I have done on the treadmill since last spring so I didn't want to push it too hard. I hope to work up to 6mph recovery and sprint speeds of 7mph, 8mph and 9mph. Running on the treadmill is much more manageable when I keep changing the speeds and/or incline. I never think more than two minutes ahead.

My treadmill run motivated me to finally get out and get some cold weather running gear. I ran over to the City Sports near my office during my lunch break. I know that winter gear is expensive so I've been putting this off. I looked around the running section for awhile but I didn't really see anything that jumped out at me. I wanted a pullover jacket that had a good cold weather rating and enough thickness to protect me from the wind.

Finally I stumbled upon a sale rack with great running jackets and vests. Since when are cold weather running items on sale in October?! Maybe this was a sales trick. On sale for $99.99 from the original $105.00... Checked the tag. Nope. $20 for the perfect pink Asics jacket! $20 for the adorable white Asics running vest! Then I saw it...

The whole rack was full of apparel from last years NYC marathon. I tried on the jacket and it fit perfect. The vest too. Would it be wrong to buy gear from a race I did not do and have never done? I called my husband at work and asked "If I found the perfect jacket and vest for only $20 each - originally $80 - but it has the 2008 NYC marathon logo do you think it is still socially acceptable to wear it?" He asked if I planned to wear it other than running. "Nope." I think it's okay then. So I bought a winter jacket and vest for only $40!

(Don't you love the bike storage?! The joys of apartment living!)

The jacket even has those great holes for your thumbs to stick into so the sleeves won't ride up!

I tried out the jacket this morning and it was great. It was around 47 degrees today and I was a bit warm after the first mile but I'll take that over being freezing cold!

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Amy said...

LOL! Just found this old post of yours ... I did the exact same thing this winter, got a 2009 Marathon jacket for 70% off. I feel okay about it because I think I've decided to do it in 2011. :-)


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