Friday, May 28, 2010

05.28.10: Triathlon Link Love

"Triathlon Link Love" is a weekly series where I repost interesting blogs from the week.

Triathlon & Training
THE master list. What you need on race day. (SwiCycloRun)
Print this out and put it in your gear bag. Now.

Back By Popular Demand: Race Report #1 (Journeys of a Triathlete Father of Five)
We all know this guy. Mark's gearhead video will have you laughing your spandex off.

Outstanding Race Reports

HarryMan Sprimpic Triathlong, DONE! (SwiCycloRun)
Read all about Jon's frigid tune-up race on the scary Harriman hills.

The Race That Almost Wasn't (Tri-Karen-Tri)
Karen's husband and my husband went to the same "suck-it-up camp." Read about he convinced her to do the race despite being sick (sound familiar)?

General Health and Nutrition
Shrimp and Tomato Pasta (Bowl of Berries)
Jennifer just posted this super simple recipe for shrimp and tomato pasta. It can be served hot or cold. A great option to make in advance and chow down after a long ride!

Good News, Endurance Runners: One Scientist Says We're Not All Nuts (No Meat Athlete)
Keep a copy of this article on hand and the next time a doctor (or any other moron) tells you that running is bad for you just pull this out.

Randomness and Giveaways
Photo Gallary: The art of the Ironman tattoo or when a boring M-DOT just won't do (EverymanTri)
Have you or would get an M-DOT tattoo? I plan to. I don't even care if it's overdone. I'd be so proud of myself I might even tattoo it on my forehead...


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Nice links! Once again, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! :)

Regina said...

I actually emailed Jon and asked him to email me his HIM list so I don't forget anything. Great link.

I love the tattoo one. Especially the grim reaper and the iron clad one. I recognize Misty's (The Athena Diaries) on her shoulder.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jon said...

I love the animated clip from Journeys of a Triathlete Father of Five. "I must get dimpled wheels."....."No, I think you need to train."


Mark said...

Hey Krista—thanks for the love! It is true... the first time I ever watched this video, I completely laughed my spandex off. No lie!

David Hussey said...

Excellenttriathlon link. Your weekly posted blogs are very interesting. How can I share some more relevant links with you? Thanks


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