Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Trial in the Pool

Last night was another workout with the masters swim team. I still can't say enough how much I love swimming with Masters. I wish I could do triathlon "full-time" and masters swim "full-time" but there are just not enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank. I think I'll stick with triathlon for now ;)

Last night's workout looked like this:

6004 x 150 Warm Up
5005 x 100: 75 easy, 25 sprint
2008 x 25’s: Complete this cycle twice with the first 4 as freestyle and the second 4 non-freestyle:
25 1/2 easy, 1/2 hard; 25 1/2 hard, 1/2 easy; 25 easy; 25 hard.
2505 x 50 kick
5005 x 100 on 3 minutes - 50 fast, 10 second rest, 50 fast
5050 easy recovery
100Timed 100 yard sprint, dive off the blocks (1:10)
50010 x 50's Cool Down
2700Total Yards

The last real set was a timed 100 yard sprint with a dive off the blocks. I was both excited and nervous for this. I have not been up on the blocks since high school. I jumped up and went with the first heat so I could get it over with. It all came back to me and I dove in and swam hard. My time was 1 minute and 10 seconds. I'm pretty happy with this. I don't remember how fast I swam the 100 free in high school (I was a distance gal), but I sent my dad a text message to see if he remembers. I think it was around 1:04. So, after nearly 10 years I've only gained about six seconds. I can live with that :)

Today called for an early morning interval ride in Central Park. The ride was 3 loops of Central Park with a 1/2 loop warm up and then a set of 5 intervals of about .5 to 1 mile each. I tried to really push it on the hard loops and kept telling myself biking is supposed to be hard!

The Wednesday night / Thursday morning combo is a tough one because swimming ends at 9pm and biking starts at 5:30am. For me this means something like this: home at 10pm, eat frozen burrito and bed by 10:30pm, alarm starts going off at 4:20am, up at 4:35am, in the car by 5am, in Central Park by 5:20am. We are going to a fundraiser banquet tonight so this morning I even managed to paint my toes after my ride and before work. I used to get pedicures on a somewhat regular basis but those funds have been officially reallocated to triathlon.


Regina said...

We were at the park this morning at the same time. I did your one legged climbs and got two reactions from other riders. Reaction 1) "you'll go faster if you use two feet" (idiot). Reaction 2) "you went up the entire hill with one leg?" me: "yes" him: "nice". Thanks for the tip!! It was a good one!

glad you like masters. I hated it, but I am not a swimmer and my other strokes are nonexistent.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Nice work on the swim! Woohoo for a fast 100 sprint! :)


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